Polyurethane (PU) Bucket Panels

pair of red polyurethane dewatering vibrating screen panels

Polyurethane Bucket Panels

Over the decade, PU Bucket Panels screens quickly became popular for its use in Bucket wheel classifiers to improve the quality of sand by washing out impurities mixed with sand.The PU Bucket Wheel Panels are commonly used for the below functions.

• Sand Washing
• Classifying
• Dewatering

At VAM POLY PLAST, we design heavy duty Polyurethane Bucket panels whose quality is considered the best in the Industry. We not only manufacture the PU Bucket panel with Industry Standard sizes – (800mm x 500mm) or (1000mm x 500mm) and but also customize according to our client requirements.

Available Aperture sizes starts from 0.3 mm and above. We also manufacture PU dewatering screen panels of different sizes according to Client’s requirement.

• Made from Best Imported raw materials
• Machine Processed Quality – Best in the Industry
• Custom Designed to fit in Client’s Equipment
• Excellent Hydrolytic Stability
• Resistance to Chemicals & Lubricants

• Consistent product output
• Low Maintenance
• Reduced cycle time
• Easy to Install

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About Vam Poly Plast

Established in 1988, Vam Poly Plast is one of the leading manufacturers of superior quality Polyurethane products. With our most outstanding engineering knowledge and expertise in Industrial applications, we offer our clients with customised line of infallible polyurethane products.

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